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Think of the Dishwasher as a Sterilizer For Your Dishes

Have you noticed that a lot of consumers do not rinse their dishes, silverware and or pots & pans before loading their dishwasher? Then they tend to add way too much dish soap to their load thinking it will clean the dirty dishes better because of the extra dish soap.

Have you ever thought of the first wash cycle and the greasy garbage filled water that is being circulated around your dirty dishes? That is not a good way of cleaning the dishes. Just think if you mop your floors with that kind of dirty water.

You and your family eat off the dishes that you clean in the dishwasher, so please take these notes to heart and lets get America and their Family's on the road to the best way possible for Cleaning & Sterilizing their dishes.

WaterFilterMart's 3 Best Steps for Cleaner Dishes

1. Rinse your dishes First before you load them into the dishwasher. (Less gravy, corn, butter, grease and other garbage circulating around your dishes during the wash cycle).
2. Turn on your kitchen sink hot water tap until the water gets hot. (This assures that you will have Hot water from the beginning of the first fill of the dishwasher).
3. Do not put extra dish soap in the dishwasher. Cut the soap down to 1/2 of what is normal and you will be amazed at your results.

The 2 main reasons for Spots on your dishes are:

(A) Dirty Water (not rinsing your dishes before loading the dishwasher)
(B) Too Much Dish Soap (leaving extra unrinsed soap on dishes before the heated drying cycle).

Having a Cleaner Dishwasher Also Means Less Calls for the Repair Man

We Hope This Helpful Tip For The Home Was Informative as well as Helpful For Each & Everyone.