GE Interior Mount - Bottom Freezer Filters for Refrigerators at Low - Discount Prices

Price: $30.00

GE MWFP Refrigerator Water Filter MWF
Product ID : MWFP

(2pk $60.00 Free S&H)
GE MWFP Water Filter - Easily Twist to Remove & Replace. Interior - Vertical - Rear Mount.

Price: $32.00

GE GSWF Refrigerator Water Filter
Product ID : GSWF

(2pk $64 Free S&H)
GSWF Filter - Located Inside At The Ceiling In A Flip Down Filter Compartment.

Price: $55.00

GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter RPWF
Product ID : RPWFE

Free Shipping
RPWFE Filter - Used For Models That Require an RFID Chip.

Price: $24.50

Compatible Fit for GE RPWF Water Filter
Product ID : UNIV-RPWF

(2pk $49 Free S&H)
Compatible RPWF Filter - Used For Models Not Requiring an RFID Chip.