GE Refrigerator Ice Maker Parts

  When your GE refrigerator ice maker gives you problems and it's time to replace it, buy an original complete replacement GE ice maker unit from WaterFilterMart. It's part number is WR30x10093. In order for a refrigerator ice maker to properly work, the freezer setting should be between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though water freezes at 32 degrees, ice production only works between the 0 and 5 degree setting.
  Here's a TIP: For refrigerator models that have the ice maker only feature (no water thru the door & no built-in water filter) Buy an In-Line Water Filter to protect the water valve & ice maker from lime and scale. You will get better tasting ice also.

GE wr30x10093 replacement ice maker

Refrigerator icemaker replacement Does Not Include Round Style Adapter Plug (Use Off Old Ice maker). Includes Ice Maker and (2) Different Style Water Inlet Cups.

OEM Part - Manufacturer #WR30x10093

GE IM6D ice maker kit

Refrigerator icemaker kit provides everything needed to install an Ice Maker into an Ice Maker only (No water thru the door). Major Change: Does Not Include Round Style Adapter Plug (Use Off Old Icemaker)

OEM Part - Manufacturer #IM6D

GE WR55X10942P Refrigerator Control Board kit

Refrigerator control board kit Used for electronic refrigerator models.

OEM Part - Manufacturer #WR55X10942P