GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter RPWF

RPWFE water filter RPWF
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Fits GE - Hotpoint & Kenmore 363 Refrigerators.
For Models That Require an RFID Chip.
GE Smart Water Filter RPWFE - RPWF
For Models Requiring RFID Chip Located on back of Filter.
GE - Hotpoint and Kenmore (363. Series) Refrigerators Designed and tested specifically for use in select side-by-side and bottom-freezer refrigerators.
For Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators: Located in the left hand fresh food door (recessed in door flange) or in the fresh food interior on the left side wall near the top.
For Side-by-Side Refrigerators: Located in the bottom of the fresh food compartment. Access the filter using the flip cover without moving the vegetable pan.
Replaces Part Numbers: AP5712603, 2400613, PS8688061, EAP8688061.

GE RPWF - RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter
Measurements approx. 10 inches Tall by 1 3/4 inches Diameter and Reduces
2, 4-D Reduction 99.9%
Asbestos Reduction 99.9%
Atrazine (Herbicide) Reduction 94.4%
Benzene Reduction 96.4%
Carbofuran Reduction 98.8%
Chlorine Taste and Odor Reduction 97.4%
Cysts Reduction 99.99%
Lead Reduction 99.3% @ 6.5 pH and 98.3% @ 8.5 pH
Lindane Reduction (A Pesticide) 99%
Mercury Reduction 91% @ 6.5 pH and 88.3% @ 8.5 pH Nominal Particulant class 1 99%
P-Dichlorobenzene Reduction 99.8% Toxaphene Reduction 93.5%
VOC Reduction 97.7%
The GE RPWF - RPWFE Water Filter
Does not remove fluoride from your water.

Installation Instructions

1. Remove old cartridge by gently lifting the filter away from housing until first release, and then lift again to remove.
2. Align top of filter with cartridge holder and push until cartridge is fully seated.
3. While continuing to ensure cartridge is fully seated in the holder, gently rotate the filter (inward for Bottom Freezer Models and downward for Side by Side Models) until it can no longer rotate.
4. Run water from the dispenser (approximately 2 gallons or about 5 minutes) to clear any particles and remove air from the system.

The RPWFE Water Filter is found for the following models.

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