GE WR55X10942P Refrigerator Main Board AP6048447


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GE WR55X10942P Refrigerator Main Board AP6048447


Fits GE - Hotpoint & Kenmore 363 Refrigerators.

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Genuine GE Refrigerator Parts

Fits GE - Hotpoint & Kenmore 363 Refrigerators.


WR55x10942 GE Electronic Main Board
Used For GE, Hotpoint & Kenmore (363. Series) Electronic Refrigerator Models.
Replaces Part Numbers: WR55X10942, AP6048447, 4512753, PS12069099, EAP12069099, AH12069099, WR55X10552, WR55X10524, WR55X10523, WR55X10474, WR55X10473, WR55X10456, WR55X10436, WR55X10432, WR55X10160, WR55X10151, WR55X10151, WR55X10110, WR55X10110, WR55X10109, WR55X10097, WR55X10090, WR55X10086, WR55X10083, WR55X10079, WR55X10065, WR55X10056, WR55X10427, WR55X10426, WR55X10416, WR55X10413, WR55X10396, WR55X10385, WR55X10381, WR55X10379, WR55X10372, WR55X10366, WR55X10358, WR55X10339, WR55X10336, WR55X10335, WR55X10333, WR55X10328, WR55X10314, WR55X10297, WR55X10294, WR55X10289, WR55X10228, WR55X10210, WR55X10188, WR55X10187, WR55X10177, WR55X10174, WR55X10171, WR55X10056, WR55X10045, WR55X10942, AP4436216, 1531075, AH2364946, EAP2364946, PS2364946.
Non Refundable Part! Return For Warranty Replacement Only!


The WR55x10942 Is Found For The Following Models.

Other Info

Installing the GE WR55x10942 Electronic Main Board:

  • Slide refrigerator out enough for you to get behind and work.
  • Disconnect power to refrigerator.
  • Next remove the screws from main board cover on the back side of the refrigerator.
  • Then remove the two bottom electrical connectors.
  • Remove the control board from the plastic pins that secure the board to the refrigerator.
  • Push in on the side of the pin (or squeeze it with needle nose pliers) while gently pulling out on the control board at the same time.
  • Most boards have 4 – 6 pins that secure the control board.
  • Now pull the old control board out and place the new control board in its place.
  • Make sure all the plastic pins secure the new board into place.
  • Now you can start transferring the wiring connectors from the old board to the new control board.
  • Don’t forget to plug in the two bottom connectors that you removed earlier.
  • The New Control Board comes with an Instruction Sheet for use with different applications.
  • Restore Power to refrigerator and push back into place.

Follow these simple steps of installation and you can really do it yourself without having to pay for a mechanic for such a simple task.

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  1. This is the most trusted GE Refrigerator Electronic Control because of it's hassle free installment. Review by Admin
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    The WR55X10942 Electronic Main Board AP4436216 PS2364946 is designed to address the compatibility issues of the electronic fridge models from GE, Kenmore and Hotpoint brands. (Posted on 8/31/2015)

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