Ice Maker Tips

2 Types Of IceMakers:

(Modular Style) Whirlpool, Amana, Maytag and Kenmore (106.),(596.) Series Refrigerators, use the Modular Style Crescent Heat Release Ice Maker.

(Mechanical Style) U-Line, Frigidaire, Kenmore (253.Series) Refrigerators use the Mechanical Style Ice Maker. Also GE Before 2002.

Basically - How An Ice Maker Works:

When ice maker reaches 5 degrees, the thermostat opens and the ice maker motor starts turning. Then the heater turns on to loosen the cubes in the mold so they can eject. The ejector bar(rake) pushes the ice out of the mold. The heater turns off as the thermostat closes (due to the heat from the heater). Then the water solenoid valve is sent the signal to let water into the ice maker. This completes the batch as the motor stops. If any of these steps do not happen, you need to replace the ice maker.

Ice Maker Not Getting Water:

A. Make sure that the wire arm is all the way down.
B. Check to see if the water is turned on.
C. Check Water Filter (if equipped), to see if water flows thru the filter. If not, replace the Water Filter.
D. Check to see if the water inlet tube (in freezer) is plugged with ice. If so, Change Water Valve.

My Ice Cubes Are Hollow:

A. When the ice cubes are hollow, it usually means that the ice maker is not getting enough water. Check the Water Solenoid Valve and water supply going to the valve.

Ice Maker Not Dumping the Ice:

A. Check temp. of the freezer to see if it 5 degrees or colder. If not, set the temp. colder.
B. Does Ice Maker Cycle(rotate)? If not, replace Ice Maker, (if temp. is 5 degrees F or colder)!
C. If the ejector bar(rake) is hitting the ice, but not pushing the ice out, It usually means that the heater is bad. Replace the icemaker.
D. If your ice maker has a P.C. Control Optics Board instead of the wire arm(usually on models with the vertical dispenser in the freezer door), you will have to check the Optics Control Board also.

1 Or 2 Cubes Laying on Top of Icemaker or Getting Jammed:

If the ice is not the same size for all the cubes - 1 or 2 are real small - the small cubes would not eject properly and therefore end up on top of the icemaker.
1) Take out the icemaker.
2) Then empty the icemaker.
3) Then Install the icemaker.
4) Then let it fill with water.
5) Then take the icemaker out and see if every cube is full of water. If 1 or 2 do not have water in them, or is real low, those cubes would not eject out all the way when the icemaker ejects the cubes.
6) If this is the case, Check your water supply, and(or), the water solenoid valve.