Maytag Ice Makers

 If your Maytag ice maker assembly should fail, You have a few things you can do to either repair or replace it. Most times it is cheaper to buy a complete Maytag replacement refrigerator ice maker unit by removing the old non-working ice maker and replace the entire assembly with a new one from WaterFilterMart. You could also repair your existing maytag D7824706Q ice maker with individual parts including the module / motor, ice mold & heater or icemaker thermostat. In order for a refrigerator ice maker to properly work, the freezer setting should be between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though water freezes at 32 degrees, ice production only works between the 0 and 5 degree setting.
 Here's a TIP: For refrigerator models that have the ice maker only feature (no water thru the door & no built-in water filter) Buy an In-Line Water Filter to protect the water valve & ice maker from lime and scale. You will get better tasting ice also.
Maytag - Amana Bare Ice Maker

D7824706Q uses your cover, shut-off arm and wire harness.
Amana Maytag Ice Maker

W10190978 Includes 4-Pin Male Flat Plug Wire Harness.
Maytag Round Plug Ice Maker

12500048 Includes Round Plug Wire Harness, Cover & Shut-Off Arm
Amana Maytag Ice Maker Kit

IC6 Complete Kit for some Freezer on Top & Bottom Models.
Maytag - Amana Ice Maker Kit

IC11B Complete Kit for some Freezer on Bottom Models.
Maytag Amana Reach-In Ice Bucket

WP67001255 For Refrigerators with ice maker only feature.
Whirlpool Ice Maker Module & Motor

W10190935 Used For Domestic Modular Style Ice Makers!
Whirlpool 8-Cube Mold & Heater

WPW10190929 Ice Mold & Heater - Most Popular.
Whirlpool Thermostat & Clips

WP627985 Most Popular Thermostat for Ice Makers.
Whirlpool Ice Maker & Bucket

WPW10715709 has 4 wire 8 terminal plug for freezer connection.
Whirlpool Bottom Freezer Ice Maker

W10882923 For Some Freezer on Bottom Models.
Whirlpool Bottom Freezer Ice Maker

W10884390 For Some Freezer on Bottom Models.