Refrigerator Parts

Refrigerators have surely changed thru the years, but basically they all have the same operational components. Freezer compartment, Refrigerator compartment, Circulation fan in freezer compartment, Thermostat in refrigerator compartment, Defrost system in Freezer compartment, Evaporator in Freezer compartment, Compressor outside of interior cabnet, Condenser and Fan motor outside of interior cabnet. The Compressor, Evaporator and Condenser make up the Sealed System. The Thermostat Controls the starting and stopping of the sealed system for cooling by Temperature inside the Refrigerator compartment. The Defrost System if for melting frost off of the evaporator in order for air to circulate into the refrigerator compartment. When Defrost is on, All other components are off. When Compressor is on, All components are on with the exception of the Defrost System. This is as easy as I can explain it.