Refrigerator Tips

MY REFRIGERATOR RUNS ALL THE TIME and the Temp. Inside The Refrigerator Is Warmer Than Normal, What Should I Check?

A. Temp. in freezer should be 5 degrees or lower. If not, check for frost build-up on back wall of freezer. If there is a build-up of frost, your problem is with the defrost system (heater, termination thermostat, or defrost timer).

B. Check door seals to see if they close snug. You can check this by simply closing the door on a dollar bill and then pull the bill out. If the bill comes out easy(no snug-ness), you would need to try to either reform the door gasket-door-or replace the gasket if torn or ripped.

C. Check the Fan Motor in the Freezer, and make sure that it is Running. If not, check the door switch and fan motor.

D. If the unit has a condensor fan motor (back of refrigerator at the bottom), make sure it is running. If not, check the motor.

E. Check to see if the light stays on when the door is closed. Believe it or not, it happens. To test this, open the door and push the door switch down. If the light stays on, replace the door switch.