Whirlpool Kenmore 4317943 Left Wall Mounted Ice Maker (Flat Plug)

Whirlpool 4317943 ice maker kit
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Mfg: WPL
Price: $94.68
Product ID : 4317943
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4317943 Whirlpool Flat Plug Ice Maker Replacement Kit
Includes Modular Ice Maker, Flat Plug Wire Harness, Cover, Mounting Bracket and Flat Style Wire Shut-Off Arm!
Replaces Part Numbers 1857, 4210317, 4211173, 480616, 480617, 482014, 482015, 482016, 482017, 482018, 482019, 482020, 482394, 482433, 482990, 625601, 625603, 625610, 625611, 625622, 625625, 625653, 625656, 625660, 626002, 626201, 626237, 626366, 626461, 626489, 626608, 626609, 626626, 626636, 626670, 626687, 627572, 68972-4, 797991, 8114, 833701, 978552, 978553, 978556, AH358591, EAP358591, AP2984633, J21791, J22241, PS358591, W10122496, W10190952, W10281545.

Whirlpool ice maker replacement instructions;

  • First you need to remove the three mounting screws that hold ice maker to freezer wall.
  • Then disconnect the electrical wire harness from the freezer wall & remove ice maker unit out of freezer.
  • You should be all set to install the new ice maker.
  • Plug in the new unit and re install the mounting screws to freezer wall.
  • Now it’s all done and ready to freeze. Enjoy.

You can really do it yourself without having to look for a mechanic for such a simple task. It’s okay, you can thank us later.

The 4317943 Is used in the Following Models.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by a_lombard55
03/07/2019 - 09:55:36 AM
Great replacement for my Fridge
This icemaker is a great replacement for my Fridge. I have a Kitchenaide fridge with a bottom freezer and left mount ice maker. The bottom freezer is a pain because I had to take the door off and remove the racks to really get at the ice maker.

I had a question about the product and contacted the company via email. They responded quickly with an answer.

With this replacement you may need the old wire harness, which easily removes from the old unit and clicks right into the new one. You may also need the thermostat plug from the old one too. Just plug it into the new unit where the old one was.

I also had to use the old on/off arm because they new one didn't swing up because of the way the fridge was built.

Anyway, let me say that Im not an appliane repairman. The removal and installation of the new one, including removing the door took and swapping out the parts took me about 35 minutes.

Ice maker has been pumping out ice with no problems.

Fast and free shipping too!!

Thanks WFM