WPW10715708 Whirlpool Kenmore 8560 Ice Maker Kit ECKMF94


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WPW10715708 Whirlpool Kenmore 8560 Ice Maker Kit ECKMF94


Fits Whirlpool - Kenmore 106 & KitchenAid Refrigerators.

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Genuine Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice Maker Parts

Fits Whirlpool - Kenmore 106 & KitchenAid Refrigerators.


Whirlpool Replacement Ice Maker Kit
Used For Whirlpool Built Refrigerators with the Flat Plug Ice Maker Only Feature.
Kit Includes 8-cube Modular Ice Maker with Flat Style Plug, Flat Style Wire Shut-Off Arm, Water Inlet Valve, Ice Bucket, Installation Hardware and Instructions.
Replaces Part Numbers: 1129313, 1105298, 1114185, 1118554, 1118746, 1129312, 2155469, 2155469A, 8060, 8050, 8050-1, 8050-2, 940556, 941555, 984827, 987613, W10315447, ECK-MF11, ECK-MF2, ECK-MF3, ECK-MF4, ECK-MF5, ECK-MF51, ECK-MF6, ECK-MF61, ECK-MF63, ECK-MF64, ECKMF-64, ECKMF11, ECKMF2, ECKMF3, ECKMF4, ECKMF5, ECKMF51, ECKMF6, ECKMF61, ECKMF63, ECKMF64, ECKMF94, KIMF8, AP3089928, PS317558, W10715708, IMKIT94, KIMS9, W10715708, AP6023924, 3452006, PS11757272, AH11757272, EAP11757272, 2171811, 2155468, Kenmore Item # 04608560000P Model # 08560.
Non Refundable Part! Return For Warranty Replacement Only!


The WPW10715708 Kit Is Found For The Following Models.

Other Info

Installing the Whirlpool WPW10715708 Ice Maker:

  • First you need to remove the three mounting screws that hold ice maker to freezer wall.
  • Then disconnect the electrical wire harness from the freezer wall & remove ice maker unit out of freezer.
  • You should be all set to install the new ice maker.
  • Plug in the new unit and re install the mounting screws to freezer wall.
  • Now it's all done and ready to freeze.
  • Check the installation guide for water valve installation procedure.
  • You will be Enjoying some chilled ice with your favorite drink in no time.

You can really do it yourself without having to look for a mechanic for such a simple task.

Reviews (2)
  1. Perfect fit ice maker kit Review by Aiden79
    Overall Shopping Experience

    $85.00 after discount and it includes free shipping. WOW. This eckmf94 ice maker kit from waterfiltermart.com saved me from buying ice or buying the wife a new fridge. Thank You... (Posted on 10/15/2016)

  2. Whirlpool ECKMF94 Flat Plug Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit AP3089928 Review by Admin
    Overall Shopping Experience

    This Whirlpool ECKMF94 is one of a kind ice maker replacement kit for your fridge and is an OEM factory product originally. This ice maker fits like a second skin your old fridge which can be anything from Whirlpool to KitchenAid to Estate, basically, it fits every fridge that uses flat plug ice maker feature and has 30-36 inch wide cabinets. The kit consists of modular ice maker, water inlet valve, wire harness, flat style for shutoff arm, ice bucket, hardware installation parts and instructions manual. This is a top quality product which is budget friendly and gives you great ice. (Posted on 8/31/2015)

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