Whirlpool Kenmore WPW10190965 8-Cube Bare Ice Maker

Bare Whirlpool Ice Maker
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Mfg: WPL
Price: $84.16
Product ID : WPW10190965
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Whirlpool Bare Ice Maker goes tremendously well with almost any leading brand of refrigerator models with left wall mounted 8-cube modular ice makers such as Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Roper, Estate and many more.
This is really very simple to install which almost guarantees a hassle free installation process.
1) Replacing the cover requires a simple pull on the cover to pop it off the old ice maker and then simply push it on to the new ice maker.
2) Replacing the wire harness you simply depress the plastic tab where it plugs into the side of the ice maker and simply push the harness into the new ice maker.
3) The wire shut-off arm pulls out of the front of the ice maker and also pulls out of the rear water fill cup on the rear of the ice maker and pushes into their respective spots on the new ice maker.
Replaces Part Numbers: W10190965, AP6016628, PS11749920, AH11749920, EAP11749920, 1471727, 626633, 626661, 626662, WPW10277450, AH2341899, AP4360346, EAP2341899, PS2341899, W10122506, W10122507, W10122510, W10190966, W10190969.
Used to repair the following Symptons:
Ice maker not making ice.
Ice maker dispenses too little ice.
Ice maker dispenses too much ice.
Ice maker leaking water.

Installing the Whirlpool WPW10190965 Ice Maker

  • First, remove the three mounting screws that attach the ice maker to the freezer wall.
  • Disconnect the wire plug from the old ice maker at the freezer wall & take old ice maker out & lay on a table or workbench.
  • You will need to transfer the Ice Maker Cover, Wire shut-off arm, Mounting bracket and Electrical wire harness from your old ice maker to this new unit.
  • Next is to Install the new unit by plugging in the wire harness and re installing the 3 mounting screws.
  • Now it’s all done and ready to freeze. Enjoy.

You save approximately $100.00 by doing this repair yourself.

The WPW10190965 Can Be Used In The Following Models.

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